Gummy Peace Signs (Phantasia)


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A delightfully simple way to dose, our gummies are great for any occasion.

These portable and fun-to-eat treats come in two varieties, each providing an eclectic psychedelic experience.


Gummy Peace Signs (Phantasia)
Ready to embark on an extraordinary psychedelic journey?

One where your consciousness reaches unparalleled heights, invoking dreamlike wonder and
sentiments of pure joy.

Visions of what the universe holds beyond the realm of everyday life await in Phantasia’s Macrodose PeacePeace Sign gummies. Each tasty gummy contains 400mg of mushrooms.

Dive deep into the universe of the psychonaut and discover the innate powers within with the Macrodose Peace Signs from Phantasia

Gummy Peace Signs (Phantasia)


Products may melt or leak during transit in the summer months due to the hot temperatures. Pacific Shrooms cannot guarantee the condition of products that are prone to melting or leaking at the time of arrival, please order at your own risk.

2000mg total/Can = 400mg/sign , 5signs/Can


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